A bright future for Ontario won’t just happen; together we will make it happen. Ontario’s universities have launched a conversation about how we can work together to unlock the full potential of Ontario’s future and all who live here.
Please take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire and be part of the conversation. All of your responses are completely anonymous. *Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk.*
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Overall, how do you feel about your future? *

To what extent do you agree with these statements about Ontario in five years?

Our economy will be strong and continue growing *

Our creative arts and cultural scene will be vibrant *

Our environment will be protected and valued *

Our communities will be strong and dynamic *

Our social supports will be available for all who need them *

Aboriginal Peoples and communities will be respected and empowered *

Our technological advances will be a driving force for positive change *

In a few words or a couple of sentences please tell us ...

What excites you about your future over the next 5 years? *

What worries you about your future over the next 5 years? *

If you are a parent, in a few words or a couple of sentences please tell us ...

If you are not a parent, please skip to question 5.
What excites you about your child’s future?

What worries you about your child’s future?

What does Ontario need to ensure a better future? *

What role can universities play in helping Ontario become ready for the future? *

Universities help students develop a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities. How important do you consider each of the following as Ontario prepares for the future?

Skills to communicate clearly *

Ability to take initiative with confidence *

Leadership skills needed to reach goals *

Problem-solving skills *

Ability to think critically *

Entrepreneurial spirit *

Ability to thrive in environments that change quickly *

Work experience - either as an employee or a volunteer *

Knowledge and technological skills needed to adapt to the changing workforce *

Just-in-time knowledge kept up-to-date through life-long learning *

And now, for statistical purposes, we want to ask you some demographic questions. All responses are completely anonymous. Data will be used to help us look at broad demographic patterns and trends.

How do you identify…? *

Are you…? *

Do you have…? *

Are you…? *

In which region of Ontario do you reside? *

What is the highest level of school you have completed? *

What was your annual household income before taxes last year? *

We would like to report back to the public some portions of your survey responses in various media including online.Your identity would be kept confidential, although we may include some demographic information such as your gender, your geographic region etc., as we attempt to sort the information we receive. Do you agree? *